Easydump for Oracle 1.2.0

No Image objects such as table,view,index and so on. It is especially useful if you want to have a look at a dump file before really import it into your database. Or you want to recreate part of data objects in this dump file. Main features: Wizard driven, create a task to save,modify and reuse Export/Import parameters Export/Import data objects automatically and concurrently Execute Sql scripts before/after Export/Import data objects Export dump file name

Image Constructor 2.3: Creates pictures with texts and small images over background.
Image Constructor 2.3

objects from a set of base objects and image collections; - adds objects from graphical files; - adds objects as a text line and coordinate axis; - manages list of objects; - edits, deletes, duplicates, aligns objects; - changes size and position of object (group of objects) by mouse; - supports clipboard operations for separate objects and groups of objects; - scales image with all objects; - saves created images in a file with extension .ic; -

imageconstructor, geographical map, schema, create illustration, business, plan, picture, downloads, presentation, image collection, constructor, diagram, publishing

Eyesight Challenge 1.2.0: Are your eyesight good enough to find all the items?
Eyesight Challenge 1.2.0

In this game there will be a room full of objects. There will be a list of objects for you to find in the room. The faster you find out all the objects, the higher the score. If you cannot find a certain object you can click the hint button. Use the mouse to click at the objects.

eyesight, search, objects, puzzle games, find, items, eyesight challenge

GALsync 4: Synchronize objects and Free/Busy data between multiple Exchange organizations
GALsync 4

objects you need Select all objects or subsets of objects to export to the other AD. While GAL Sync is used for Outlook/Exchange it will only consider mail-enabled objects. *Multiple-Domains Select objects in any of the domains in your forest to export. GAL Sync is cross-domain capable. *Choose your Transmission Protocol GALsync allows you an integrated handing-over of the selected information to the other Active Directory by using a Windows Share

directory services, miis, global address list, sync, sync gal, microsoft, gal sync, directory synchronization, galsync, synchronization, integration, identity, identity information

PicPaks Packs objects into a background png image. Slices png images.

PicPaks (c) is a fast program that packs PNG objects into a background mask. Each PNG object is a file containing a single image. The objects are packed into the mask so that none of them overlap, just as if you had hand packed them yourself. Finished pictures can be saved as PNG files with transparency for use in other art drawing programs. Many options allow the program to resize, rotate and place objects to create pleasing art.

pack objects, fast packing, slice png images, mosaic, object packing, jigsaw mosaic, object mosaic

EzPaste-xl2ppt 1.0: EzPaste-xl2ppt automates completely the copy/paste from Excel to PowerPoint
EzPaste-xl2ppt 1.0

objects in the active workbook. The user then selects which of the objects he wants to paste to PowerPoint®. EzPaste-xl2ppt comes as a regular Excel add-in. Complete control over the objects to be pasted Complete control over the pasting order There are 3 pasting modes:- To new slides automatically added to the active PowerPoint® file To predefined slide numbers in the active PowerPoint® file Paste express: selecting one item and pasting it directly

xl2ppt, excel to powerpoint, automatic copy paste, office productivity tools, copy paste, ezpaste

X98: X-Mess 1.2: Match falling 2x2 objects together to make them disappear.
X98: X-Mess 1.2

objects to be linked together fall from the top of the playfield in rotatable 2x2 sets to land on either the bottom or on other already placed objects in the playfield. This wouldn`t be much of a problem if it weren`t for the fact that objects fall in groups of four, arranged two by two. You can move the group of objects left and right, rotate the objects within the group and move the entire group down faster, should you have some sort of macabre

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